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Welcome to

Five Seeds Ministry

a Community Ministry where your Mind, Body, and Spirit

can be cared for through these metaphorical seeds:

Tending Grief: a holistic way forward,

Dance as a Spiritual Practice,

Artistic and Somatic Insights,

Communication and Justice for All,

Celebrations that Honor Life and Death


I lift up these offerings from my heart to yours. 

My mission is to serve humanity in holistic ways that honor our unique and common life and death experiences. 

My vision is for a true and sustainable peace on Earth.

A deep connection with Spirit and Earth gives me courage, insight, and the resources to do this work, and I am grateful for it.


Welcome, may you find some comfort here.

          --Rev Terra

 This song is beautiful, have a listen!

"I'm holding these seeds in my womb... and I let them go"

Scarlet Crow with Marya Stark and Carmen Crow

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