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Communication and Justice for All


Essence of this Seed:

*Advocacy for people experiencing domestic violence

*Woman's Reproductive Choice and Body Autonomy

*Facebook groups:

         Five Seeds Ministry
         Dance as a Spiritual Practice
         Salon Soquel Conversations

*Out In Our Faith


*Living Room Conversations 


 *Board Member and Good Office person of the

Unitarian Universalist Society of Community Ministry

*The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee


*SURJ Showing Up For Racial Justice


*American Civil Liberties Union (​)

*Church of the Larger Fellowship's prison letter writing ministry (

*Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry of California 


Community Ministry Internship

Walnut Avenue Family and Women's Center


Woman's Reproductive
Choice and Body Autonomy

     On August 29, 2022, I was a part of a conversation hosted by Suki Wessling and Christine Barrington on KSQD radio that included Rabbi Paula Marcus (Temple Beth El), Pastor Dave Pattee (Peace United Church of Christ), and myself representing Unitarian Universalism. We discuss the important topic of Reproductive Rights and Choice and how our faith, our sacred scripture, and denominations support a woman's rights and body autonomy regarding pregnancy, without interference or coercion from government or religion. To listen, follow this link to KSQD Radio archives. 


 Everything we do is a form of communication, it is one of the most essential modalities a human being has to work with as we make our way through our days.

​​The Seed of Communication and Justice For All is intended to explore aspects of communication and how it applies to justice in particular. Much is derived from our words, laws, economic decisions, the distribution of resources.

How we participate in these aspects of the human enterprise is important; what we do matters!

I appreciate this quote by Byran Stevenson,

"The opposite of poverty is not wealth but justice."


Resources to Engage:


*Yes Magazine:  Journalism for People Building a Better World   (

*Circle of Trust (

*Restorative Justice


*Theatre of the Oppressed


*Talking is Good  by Animal Logic

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