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Thank you

for financially supporting

Five Seeds Ministry!


Here are ways to donate:

* The good ol' fashioned way by
sending cash or a check through the
US Post
al Service to

Rev. Terra Collier-Young

c/o Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
of Santa Cruz County

6401 Freedom Blvd

Aptos, CA 95003


* or through PayPal to the email address


Packages and Pricing 

I offer sliding scales for accessibility

*Celebrations That Honor Life and Death:

   ~Weddings and Hand Fasting

   ~Blessing Way and Baby Blessings

   ~Celebration of Live and

         Memorial Services

   ~Sunday Morning Services and

        Pulpit Supply

   ~Seasonal Rituals, Dedications,

        Space Clearing


*SoulCollage Workshops:

    ~Private workshops are available,

        this can be a small group or

        an individual

   ~Group workshops at various


    ~All workshops are

      approximately 4 hrs in duration

                           $30-60 hr


*Ministerial Consultation:

   ~Spiritual Care

   ~Grief Support:    

                            $30-60 hr

*Personal Retreats:

   ~message me for details and to

     discuss your vision and needs 

                            $100-300 a night

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