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Dance as a Spiritual Practice 


Essence of this Seed:

*Conscious Dance Offerings

*Somatic Expression and Healing

*SoulCollage & Conscious Dance Workshops

*Encouragement to Dance with Your Spiritual-self!


Dance offerings around Santa Cruz County:

Dance Circle 

Sunday mornings

Tannery World Dance Center

1010 River St, studio A

Santa Cruz, CA


Five Rhythms with Tom Truman

Monday evenings

Tannery World Dance Center

1010 River St, studio A

Santa Cruz, CA


Dance Medicine

Tuesday evenings

Tannery World Dance Center

1010 River St, studio A

Santa Cruz, CA


For an evening of a uniquely themed dance journey

Soularus: move-connect-express

Wednesday evenings

Santa Cruz Veterans Memorial Building

846 Front St

Santa Cruz, CA


Solarus Saturday Morning 

Saturday mornings

Santa Cruz Veterans Memorial Building

846 Front St

Santa Cruz, CA

Dances of Universal Peace

4th Sunday of the month

Center for Spiritual Living

1818 Felt St

Santa Cruz, CA


For more details and other dance opportunities,

check out Dance as a Spiritual Practice FaceBook group


​​References and Further Explorations:

*Northern California Dance Collective


*Five Rhythms


*Daniel Mollner Dance Offerings


*Soul Motion


*Moveintuit: Liberty Flidais



* Moth Bangarra Dance Thearte


* Maple Leaf Rag!


​*Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


 I love this quote...
“We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience;

we are spiritual beings having

a physical experience.”

       – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Consider this:
The whole world is full of spiritual beings having a physical experience!​


The seed of Dance as a Spiritual Practice invites us to embody our Spiritual-selves as we dance around in our physical bodies. We are dancing with the Divine from the inside out!

On body Image:

     We are embodied spirits, yet often times people of our culture are uncomfortable in these bodies and their various shapes and sizes because we compare ourselves to the limited modern fashion standards of beauty. These standards are typically defined by a flawless youthfulness that makes people of all genders disparage getting older.


It is a dysfunction of our culture that has us doubting our unique beauty and viability based on an unrealistic and unnecessary notion of physical perfection.

Individually and collectively we can make an intentional effort to shed that harsh judgement. One way to do this is through movement that allows the body to express itself as uniquely authentic as it is. Conscious Dance strives toward the ideal of non-judgment.​

Conscious Dance Described:

     One way to describe a conscious dance practice is that a DJ crafts a set of music designed to take the dancers on a musical, physical, and if you are inclined, emotional and spiritual journey. Many dance venues are decorated using cloths, flowers, stones, candles, and other artifacts with ambient care to create a sanctuary space.

When a dancer allows themself to really get into the music, into the environment, into the altar, into each other and/or into themselves, one can transcend from the mundane into the sacred. The Conscious Dance container strives to be a safe space for such exploration.

Conscious Dance is a journey where  communication is nonverbal; we communicate beautifully through movement, gesturing, body language, and eye contact. This communication is one of emoting, or sending feelings and sentiments in modalities other than words. It's an opportunity to get out of our chatter and into our more sensitive selves, developing communication skills to an even greater expression!

This seed invites us to shed cultural judgments, body shaming, and harsh expectations of beauty. Let us step into a loving space, a carefully crafted and held container, where we can learn how our spirits want to be embodied; where we can be our true beautiful selves.


Move as the Spirit say move!
Move as the Music say move!  

Move as the Body sez move!

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