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I hope you enjoy the offerings listed below.

The links are attached to underlined headings.

All services were presented to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Santa Cruz County unless other wise noted.


The Value of Care is Invaluable


What is most valuable in our culture cannot be monetized because care, tenderness, service, and loving kindness are beyond the designation of dollars and cents -- they are of the heart and of the soul.


That Transcending Mystery
and Wonder


...which moves us to a renewal of the spirit and an openness to the forces that create and uphold life, is the first Source of the Unitarian Universalist Covenant.

(This recording is a bit choppy because our Zoom connection was unstable. If you would like to have the transcripts for my message, go to contact me and let me know :-)



A Good Death

 Accolades: "Your service entitled, "A Good Death" was incredibly powerful and moving. I have always looked at death only through the lens of loss but after that experience, I was able to begin the process of re-framing death as a gift; albeit, a painful one. I am so very appreciative of the work that you do in our community."   --Candice


Radical Hospitality, Explored

Riffing on Rumi's poem, The Guest House, let us consider setting aside our own comfort to make room for the unknown and the spiritual practice of Namaste.


The Winged Heart: Sufi Teachings

Join us this morning as we explore Universal Sufism, past and present. Over 100 years ago Hazrat Inayat Khan traveled with his family in an effort to unite the spiritual traditions of the east and west.

Worship leaders: Gitanjali Lori Rivera and
Rev Terra Collier-Young (my part starts at time stamp 11:50)


Woman's Reproductive Choice
and Body Autonomy

     KSQD radio conversation hosted by Suki Wessling and Christine Barrington with Rabbi Paula Marcus (Temple Beth El), Pastor Dave Pattee (Peace United Church of Christ), and myself representing Unitarian Universalism, discussing the important topic of Reproductive Rights and Choice and how our faith, our sacred scripture, and denominations support a woman's rights and body autonomy regarding pregnancy, without interference or coercion from government or religion. To listen, follow this link to KSQD Radio archives 


Mutuality as a Means Towards Justice

Mutual regard is a cornerstone of respectful and collaborative relationships. This morning we will look into how this is expressed in our UU commitment to justice.


On Inclusivity

There is much to consider when addressing inclusivity, and that includes its opposite, exclusivity.



Imaginal Cells and Cultural Transformation

What comes to mind when you contemplate the term “Imaginal Cells” in the context of cultural transformation? This morning we will explore just that!


Droplets and the Ways of Water

 Rev. Ryan Althaus and Rev. Terra wade into a stream of spirituality, attending to our mind, body, and spirit after a week of challenging news. You are invited to have with you a bowl of water for the meditation.


On Spirit & Soul

Spirit of Life is a beloved song that sings to the spiritual side of Unitarian Universalism, when we will look deep within ourselves, exploring what that term means to us as a religion, as a community, and as individuals.

(You may want to skip the "Announcements" and begin watching from the "Prelude" music video)


On Darkness

      Darkness and dark things have been given a bad-rap! Our vernacular has subconsciously used dark to mean something undesirable and harmful, often with unintended negative consequences. In this sermon we will look again at darkness and find its sacred beauty, with an invitation for quiet reflection as the seasons transition from Autumn to Winter.


The Shifting Sands of Paradigm,

Part 2

  I began an exploration about a paradigm shift brought on by the pandemic and the current civil rights movement, asking, “How do we turn this paradigm shift into a spiritual practice?”


The Shifting Sands of Paradigm,

Part 1

Life on Earth and in the United States is changing in tremendous ways, and when a paradigm shifts, it leaves room for potential. How shall we engage it? This morning we will contemplate our part as the co-creators of our culture. To just see the sermon, begin at 49:38


Easter~Ostara: Growing Our Spirits

     Honoring the fertility of this spring season is as perennial as the grass. This morning we will touch into the depth of how we can grow our spiritual practice in the time of “sheltering in place.” You are invited to bring a flower, leaf, or any kind of plant with you to the service for a meditation.


Communication and Shared Humanity

     How we talk with each other, or about others, reveals much of our worldview and every conversation is an opportunity to engage our shared humanity with respect, compassion, and genuine listening to understand.


Unitarian Universalism
Meets Process Theology 


     Process Theology and is a complementary theological thought for Unitarian Universalism and these modern times. Process thought holds up the fact that all life is relational, all actions have reactions, and we are empowered when we are mindful in our choices.

Presented at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Los Gatos, CA


  On Imbolc and Darkness 


This sermon is a shared pulpit with Rev Russ Menk,
Senior Minister of the UUFSCC, and myself; first half is Russ, the second half is me and can be found at time point 8:38 

    Exploring our cultures distrusting relationship with darkness, our infatuation with light, and how crucial it is that we bring these natural essences back into balance. 


     This amazing stole was co-created by Karen Holmgren and myself, and you can find her art at this website:  


YoniVerse Monologue

Storytelling Performance

"The call to ministry haunted my periphery

for most of my adult life..."





Rev Dr Martin Luther King, JR

and the First UU Principle

       Honoring Martin Luther King, JR, and correlating his teachings with the first UU Principle: "The inherent worth and dignity of every person"... including people we do not like!


     Starr King School for the Ministry

Commencement Ceremony, May 2017 

"Who can say if I've been changed for the better,

But, because I knew you,

I have been changed for good"


Baby Blessing

Baby Blessing for a family in my dance community, a heartfelt experience for all, giving attendees a real sense of the expression,
"It takes a village to raise a child."

"We Are" sung by YaMei and Terra,

written by Ysaye M Barnwell

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